Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Friends, Bad Drives and Airplanes -- The Weekend Update

Well, the weekend started out with a bang as we got to spend a little time with our friends Alok and Bhavna and their beautiful little girl. "Al" went to medical school with Dave and has been living for the last two years in Chicago doing an anesthesiology residency. During the last year of medical school and the first year of residency we became good, close friends; we related well with each other as they were "suffering" the same things we were at the time. Unfortunately, training took them off to the Windy City and we stayed put. However, they have seemed to realized the error of their ways and want to relocate back to the west once residency training is over with.

Unfortunately, this would be the most fun we had all weekend...

On Saturday morning we parted ways with our dear friends as they had other obligations and we readied the children for another marathon trip to Reno. We wondered if this was a big mistake as both children were up for most of the night before. (That's what I get for bragging that the kids are such good sleepers.) We quickly found that the trip was, indeed, a very, very bad idea. As we loaded up the car I noticed that DD was running a fever. On a whim I ran upstairs and grabbed a change of clothes for him...just in case. Both kids slept in the car the whole way (which was awfully nice of them considering we, the parents, also needed sleep but instead were driving.)

Our intentions on driving up were to meet with Bumpa to see the "Thunderbirds" at the National Championship Reno Air Races. (DD is quite the airplane lover.) After Dave dropped me off at my moms he headed off with his two brothers to find a position on the train tracks to watch the show. They hadn't even gotten close to the sight when DD started vomitting in the back seat. (Good thing mom thought to bring the change of clothes!)

Now, this is not the first time DD has thrown up in the car. In fact it may be the 4th or 5th time in his young life. He gets car sick and deals with it by puking. Which of course makes the rest of the trip completely miserable because we have to smell it. Needless to say he didn't care much for the airplane show and just kept wanting to, "Get in car and go home. "

And, to add insult to injury his sister is trying to cut at least 4, perhaps more, teeth. Two miserable fun for mommy.

Perhaps next week will be better...I don't think I want to know what worse looks like!

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Chris and Tara Mason said...

Aawwww - that's a bummer! At least you didn't have to clean up the mess! Isn't it nice to have a break from clean-up duty sometimes?