Friday, August 29, 2008

The Sophs

A friend of mine emailed me this picture today of The Sophs. It was taken at a baby shower this past weekend and it is a visual reminder that my sweet, tiny baby isn't so tiny anymore. (Ok, she is below the 25th percentile for height and weight, so in stature she is still little.)
I just can't believe that she is on the brink of toddlerhood! Where did all that time go?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Been waiting all year!

If you were to ask Dave what his favorite holiday of the year is, you would receive an emphatic RIB COOK OFF! This is an annual event every year on Victorian Square in downtown Sparks and every year we pilgrimage to the street to patronize our favorite vendors.

To illustrate Dave's affinity for the rib cook off: While Dave was working in Las Vegas, for medical school ,he was devastated that he would miss the event. To make up for it we organized a special delivery of ribs so he could partake in the glutony of the event. Heather was moving to Pheonix via Las Vegas so we wrapped each rib individually and slid them into the nooks and cranies between packing boxes in her car! As imagined Dave was delighted and grateful.

Last year, at three weeks old, The Sophster was "baptized" with barbeque sauce as we ate ribs down on the square. (Ok, barbeques sauce dripped on her head while she was in the "front snuggly" pack. Rest assured, it was quickly licked off.) Now when presented with ribs she will suck the bone dry if given the chance.

This year the only difference will be the 94 miles round trip we will drive, every day this Labor Day weekend, to spend $20 per rack of ribs. Happy Rib Cook Off!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pracitcally Perfect in Every Way

Ever since the move, about a month ago, DD has determined that he is too mature to waste his time napping. We therefore have comprimised on having a quiet time break. Every day I give hime the option of sitting on his bed reading books or sitting on the couch watching a video. (Duh mom, video of course.) And every day we have the opportunity to invite "Poppins" into our home. Granted, I do find it a joy to watch my sometimes-sweet little boy skip around the family room singing, "Fly a kite! Highest Heights! Fly a kite! Send it soaring!" There have also been many a day he has requested that Poppins comes over to clean up his room. (Which I of course would never object to.)

During DD's quiet time I usually get a break to read emails, watch TV or fold laundry in my room. I rationalize this, or course, by reminding myself that Mary Poppins is a nanny by profession and, therefore, it is like she is nannying my child. (For the low DVD price of $19.99.)

But today, Poppins is busted... I came downstairs to a new series of dents in our 3-week old entertainment center. When questioned as to where the dents came from sometimes-sweet DD, he looked up at me and straight faced told me, matter-of-factly, "Poppins did it, mommy." Obviously I did the only logical thing any mother would do, I explained that if Poppins did something like that again, DD would have to sit in time out and wouldn't be able to watch Poppins. I think I got my message across when he stuck his tiny, fat, finger out and said, pointing to the DVD Player, "Poppins, no! Don't do that again!"

So much for being practically perfect in every way; that Poppins is no good!

Getting Started...

Well, now that we have moved from the comforts of our teeny-tiny house to a town that only Dave is familiar with I have decided to document our life for all to participate in. Also with the advent of myspace and facebook I am receiving a multitude of emails asking the classic question, "what are you up to!"

Well folks, here it is...this is what I am up to...

I hope you enjoy the chaos and crazyness that has consumed our lives. There will be, for sure, more to come.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts for Dave's Fam

On Saturday morning we got a horrific phone call that no one ever wants to receive. We learned that Dave's cousin was killed in a devastating airplane crash while travelling with her work to treat skin cancer patients in a remote part of southern Utah.

Needless to say, there has been a certain pall over our household these last couple of days as we reflect on Mandy, her life and what she has meant to us. Unlike many families who are only aware that cousins exist, Mandy's family is extremely close to Dave's family. Naturally, this has been difficult.

One of the things I have been thinking about the most is only a day prior to this accident she had become engaged to be married. It's so hard to think that someone in the absolute prime of their life had to have their life end so suddenly. It's a strong reminder that we should value, protect, and love what we have now as it could be lost so quickly. Naturally, I kiss my monkeys a little more these days, hold them as long as possible, and truly mean it when I tell them or my sweet spouse, "I love you."